July 23, 2013


Thomas Sheridan is an independent alternative artist, author, satirist, comedy writer, musician, public speaker and researcher currently based in the West of Ireland. His illustrations have appeared on the cover of newsstand magazines, books and websites worldwide. He is the author of The Anvil of the Psyche and several other titles.

The Anvil of the Psyche looks at social manipulation through popular culture and marketing. Thomas has also been featured in several films and documentaries. In 2012, following a virtual book-burning fiasco—a kind of flying-saucer fatwa—by fanatical members of an obscure alien worshipping religious group, Sheridan turned his attention to documentary making and film production concerning mind control, free speech and other consciousness rights issues.

In October 2013, Sheridan was asked to give a lecture to the Irish Mental Health Professionals on Psychopathology in Popular Culture and within the Corridors of Power, along with profiling and spotting the dangers posed by extremist terror/death cults embedded within the New Age/Alternative movement. The 2012 Salman Rushdie-style attack on Sheridan resulted in a huge upsurge in interest with Sheridan's work, which now reaches into both alternative and mainstream audiences.  

"When I was a Teen in school, some absurd QUANGO named The Youth Council of Ireland or something like that came to our school and we did a survey. One of the questions was: 'How Would You Describe Your Own Life?' and I wrote: "boredom and unhappiness occasionally interrupted by brief spams of contentment." That was a very honest answer.

In later life, I began to see how poignant that answer was, as I became increasingly more contented, then occasionally happy and sometimes very happy. But here is the clincher. I MADE THIS EVOLUTION HAPPEN FOR ME. There was no God, Government Policy, Cult, Other Person or Product which made me less unhappy. 

I took the initiative. I didn't wait for the tide to lift all our boats. That is what living is about.

Instead of expecting an ideal world where everyone wakes up and we get Heaven on Earth - it's the responsibility of you as an individual to make Hell less miserable for YOU as an individual. Then spread information on what made it less shitty which might help others, and if they ignore it then that's OK too. They have freewill.

That's it. That's the only thing I can say about life. Aim for the thinnest layer of shit on this shit sandwich. It really isn't so bad then." - Thomas Sheridan

Welcome to my eh 'classic' blog. Unlike others in this field of research, I'm not hiding my name or personal history, agenda behind a pseudonym. Not associated, and never has been with doomsday religions/sects, or using 'recovery' forums as feeder operations/reciprocal arrangements with notorious mind-control flying saucer death religions placing forum members in great danger.  In fact, I have left forums when I found out this was their agenda. Recovery groups/books by people who hide their real identity are unaccountable, and therefore not trustworthy. Their own life history is hidden, while they viciously and very personally trash others with impunity. They are not safe places for heterosexual men especially. Erotomania and Munchhausen by Proxy is epidemic on such groups. On these groups the only criteria for someone being a 'psychopath' is a person just being the Ex of these people. These groups are often run by people who never encountered a genuine 'psychopath' in their lives. They were just DUMPED by their Ex is all. It's not a healthy environment for genuine targets seeking help. 

I do not run psychotic and vicious personal smear campaigns while screaming hysterically about being an 'empath' behind a unknown identity. I do not pitch men and women against each other as part of their 'recovery'. Some 'recovery' groups are run by unstable, completely self-absorbed train-wrecks who are often lying about their abuse. I see the psychopath issue as a cross-gender one. 

I just give free help and mostly free information to any one who needs it without the amateur dramatics and 'me, me' me!' self-absorption. What you see is what you get. Useful, Interesting and Helpful Information. No Professional Drama Queen Histrionics or Hate. Lots of Good Humour and Free Help.

The Cathars and Gnostics were probably correct - this is Hell and we can't make Heaven out of it. Only make the bullshit less painful. Understand the world is a nasty place, but try not to be an self-absorbed idiot about it.

Now for the Nitty-Gritty - if you want a mature, non-witch hunt, non histrionic introductory to the world of psychopaths (sociopaths) and how to avoid and recover from the horrific devastation they leave in their wake...LOOK HERE>>>